The Girl With All The Gifts Movie Review

The American-British co-production The Girl Who Owns All the Secrets – The Girl With All The Gifts could also be a zombie story adapted to the screen by the identical author from M. R. Carey’s novel of the identical name. Before entering this classic zombie story, which has not gone one step beyond the clichés we’ve known up to now, let me especially say that the Turkish edition of the book was released one week before the film’s vision date, just to urge a share of the movie box office in Turkey. Sir, no matter where you study the movie, the story of the plagiarism is hammering the sentence ‘aaaah, what a decent topic we came across’ thanks to the ignorance of people who don’t follow the world TV series industry. While the series ‘The Walking Dead’ goes on, some brilliant producers and directors, Colm McCarthy, who said, ‘Come on, let’s all make a movie of this and attract the attention of this world market’, why do they’re going after such an easy imitation? the answer to the question is hidden within the question; however, only the hefty cash of the box office should be combined with the extraordinary! While examining the event artistically, ready to|i’ll} be able to must describe the pain of encountering a movie that’s a extremely bad imitation of a series that i’ve got been following for 6 years.

Nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Television Series and a Writers Guild of America award, ‘The Walking Dead’ is an unusual TV series that began broadcasting on the AMC channel in America on October 31, 2010. The 7th season of the series, which is currently ending its 6th season, will meet with the audience in October 2016. When the peace officer named Rick awoke from a coma within the hospital, the clash of those who were affected by the virus and other people who tried to safeguard themselves from this virus aroused a wonderful sense of curiosity within the audience within the ‘life and death’ struggle with the man-eating humanoid monsters we call ‘zombies’ or ‘loafers’. attempting to search out the explanation for the event within the planet where they’re isolated, Rick and his friends attempt to prevent the bad end prior to them by experimenting on idlers. If I try to explain the series here, believe me, i’ve ought to write pages. In short, after you commenced from the summary of the series, a team of judgments has necessarily formed in your mind. Rick’s goal is to protect the survivors and understand what caused the virus and put an end to this situation! the subject is flowing with the action-packed scenario it contains.

Our movie, on the other hand, is ahead people with the subject of ‘The Walking Dead’, which takes place in England, not the USA. in an exceedingly dystopian world where a gaggle of soldiers, scientists and children participate, we see a secure zone free of people who have became zombies. So what’s being exhausted the freezone settlement? in the end, a awfully familiar experiment.

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