Bolsae House Of Hummingbird Movie Review

We met the lifetime of an isolated 14-year-old single girl. the case is Seoul, Asian country. the first film directed by Kim Bora, “The House of Hummingbirds” (!) tells the story of a 14-year-old girl who tries to seize a peaceful future and escapes the dramatic lifetime of Seoul within the mid-1990s. The work won the Golden Tulip Award at the 38th Istanbul festival and became a formidable work that proved its value on the large screen, especially in Berlin. The film was watched keenly and keenly by the director, and was very honest within the geographical description. it absolutely was designed to extend the fete and gained fame on the international stage with its unique cultural structure. south. Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. Director and screenwriter Kim began his short film theater career within the mid-2000s. The director’s first film has additional meaning, especially because it shows the positions of women, young women, and men.

In Korean society. In Eun-xi’s loneliness, somebody’s struggle to work out one’s direction within the mental impulse of some time paints a sincere picture and quickly transitions to the depths of human psychology. once we see the foremost thread surrounding the theme of uncertainty, the young actress Park Jihu becomes very obvious. She wore a graceful acting cape and used her spiritual insight to magically bring Enxi’s role into life. Movie are examined in three acts. the first act is that the family shown to us; the second act is that the place where young women discover life, the social world and sexual desire; the third act is that the sector of experience of a selected and ambiguous period of some time, that is, 1994 (the beginning of the nation-building boom and thus the time that followed) a awfully important moment. The abnormal family in Eun Hee’s life continues to be indifferent to her world; the annoying parents (Lee Seung Yeon and Jung Young Ki), the rude brother Dae Hoon (Sun Sang Yeon) who focuses on cursing, and so the entire family.

Older sister Soo Hee (Look Soo Yeon) who got out of the case formed the foremost line of the film. When miscommunication reception reached its peak, young Eun Hee searched for different outlets, wandered around the karaoke club, went shopping along with her friend Jisuk (Park Sai Yoon), and experienced sex in an exceedingly very curious way. Eun-hee, who is involved in numerous adventures with Ji-wan (Jung Yun-seo) and thus the embarrassing girl Yuri (Seol Hye-eun) within the category, is additionally betrayed by her friends. Along the way, he tries to grasp the place to start of his life by making contact with Kim Young-ji (Jin Saibi). Kim Young-ji tells her that her life is really worth living which things will convalesce.

The turbulence and contradiction in Eun-xi’s life, Hummingbird Bolsey’s tone (!) It’s warm and calm, but her time of day sun shining before people is style of an unusual scene. after we got lost within the deep darkness of Korean geography, we realized this with the expectation of girls in life. Another detail that produces this movie unique is that we’ve reached into the twisted lives of families around the world, and thus the parents that showed it the way left it with profound destruction. The mastery of the lens and also the director’s desire for the correct presentation of certain scenes allow us to deeply perceive the flow of the subject. When Eunhee became fragile, especially around Youngji, the camera started shooting, and she or he or he took some incredibly poignant shots. once we feel Eunhee’s thoughts and faces within the uninterrupted crossing, we are lost within the flow of events. The up-and-coming director Kim has attracted plenty of attention in European movies because he boldly portrayed the events that occurred within the Korean hatchback that began within the 90s in our movie “House of Hummingbird” (!). we glance forward to following this attention within the subsequent movie.

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