Ben Hur Movie Review

Ben Hur, created afterward era passed in 2016, is different from his first screen attempt and includes a striking difference in themes. within the primary movie, Hz. The nativity scene isn’t included during this movie. Obviously, apart from the image of Jesus crucified, religious propaganda has been ignored, and this subject has been working plenty during this field.
within the new production, we return to the childhood of Benhul and Messala. Unlike the first film, to work out the link between them, Benhul hid a young man wounded during the Roman siege of Jerusalem. At home, when the young man was being punished as a slave for killing a Roman soldier, he started a really different case. Rowing a ship as a slave, the character finds himself being taken out of his hometown to survive on a sunken ship. When he reached the shore, he prepared for the race on the advice of Arab merchants. These races are your only answer of freedom and revenge. Ben Hull, struggling to survive to urge his wife, friends and family, will encounter a surprising event and complete a rare job after all.

Ben-hur-jack-huston-morgan-freeman we are ready to say that this new film created by director Timur Beckman Betov can be a reliable script. The transfer of the subject is commonly combined with the image quality of the technology. The handling of the history of Rome is impeccable. Especially the image of Ben Hur rowing a ship, which embodies the fighting spirit in our minds. i’ve got to mention that i prefer the independence of the director of the first film. I didn’t want to say it, but let me write it so my judgment doesn’t remain within the air. Unlike the first film, “The Survival of Mesala” leaves the audience with an in-depth analysis of the excellence. Between good and bad. The director’s success laid the inspiration.

Jack Huston played Judah Ben-Hur, Morgan Freeman played Ildarin and Toby Kebbell played Messala, revealing the key points of this film as an honest trio. Morgan Freeman played an Arab monk within the half the film, almost recasting Jack Houston from the scene within which he appeared as Ben Hull. within the chapters prepared for racing, Ildarin, the role that connects Ben Hull with life and almost changed the fate of the movie, is that constellation point of our movie.
What did I see. Although Messala’s ruthless spirit successfully met Toby Kebel, Rodrigo Santoro’s mission to Jesus remains an unnecessary detail in history. Since we see Benhul as Russell Crowe in Gladiator movies, the existence of a religious savior is required to make this theme useless. Haluk Bilginer, who plays the daddy of Ben-Hur’s wife, contributed to the film together with his short films, and his exquisite character-making skill has now spread to Hollywood works. Billkina can be an excellent player in all aspects!
irrespective of the first film, Ben Hu lasted approximately two and a half hours, while shortening the subject by one hour and increasing the intensity of the script. With its powerful technological image quality, this film is like its mother’s white milk, which is worth 4 out of 5 stars.


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