Ben Hur Movie Review Part 2

The movie “Ben Hur” shot in 1959 won 11 Oscars and his name was written in gold letters within the story. due to the stage problems encountered by the Hollywood industry in recent times, the trend of older works has been increasing. Directed by William Willer, the film shot that year was the foremost famous adaptation of Lewis Wallace Ben-Hull’s novel “The Story of Christ”. In 2016, this remake filmed by Kazakh director Timur Bekmambetov (Timur Bekmambetov) with great courage, attracted our attention with its technical equipment, and presented a really different for us through the cast. Colors. Famous stars like Jack Houston, Nazaning Boniadi, Ayelet Züller, Morgan Freeman and Toby Kebel appeared within the 2016 production. The screenplay was supported the Oscar-winning film “For Written by John Ridley and Keith Clark, the screenwriters of Twelve Years of a Slave. Of course, there’s another name of ours in our film; Haruk Birkina.

If we glance back alittle amount at the history of the film, this work was released as a silent film in 1907 and 1925, and was presented to audiences as a miniseries in 2010. As we mentioned within the introduction, it absolutely was first shown as an enormous screen movie in 1959. The name mentioned in Novel II. it had been the name of the American ambassador in Istanbul during the reign of Abdul Hamid. From the chaotic community structure of the Roman era to the quarrel culture filled with religious elements, the Turkish Empire, which reflects the geography of the middle East, inevitably stepped into this industry.

Anyone who has seen the 1959 movie “Ben Hu” will know; Ben Hur and Messala are close friends who grew up together in Jerusalem. the matter began when Roman Marsala returned to Rome as a Roman commander within the following few years and asked Benhul, who worked hard to shield Jewish freedom, to tell him the names of those who participated during this freedom. mobile. Naturally, Ben Hur wouldn’t accept this proposal, and also the 2 inseparable friends began to possess great hostility. Especially after we consider McCarthy’s American policy, so on eliminate the danger of communism, subjects with strong religious colors are transferred to movies. In 1959, the industry wanted to unite society with religion as its axis. In our movie “Rush”, Judaism was the subject, and even the prophet was the subject of Christian propaganda. By combining Jesus with Ben Hul, he left deep scars in people’s memory. In our 2016 film “Supreme Caesar” shot by the Coen brothers, the ironic images showed us the pressure of the system on the Hollywood industry at the time, and therefore the way religion was criticized for treating people like stupid opium.


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