Before I Die Movie Analysis Part 2

Before I Die Movie Analysis Part 2

When Samantha began to measure the identical day each day, she felt bored initially and commenced to signifies unexpected movements to disturb him. These actions are usually worse than your previous actions. They relax by telling people around all of them the things that come to mind. But when she got accustomed life on the identical day, when time wasn’t the ocean she understood, when Samantha’s existence only occupies day of space, time became more predictable for her. You not must plan for the distant future. Samantha not walks through seemingly endless tunnels, but instead walks into a dead end over and yet again. Therefore, pay more attention to the dead end that you just simply bear day by day, that is, life. she is going to be able to better see your flaws and your beauty. In these moments of the film, we see that the camera focuses on nature and spends longer on small drops of water and human hands. He said more about Samantha’s feelings: trying to be an honest person, reconcile along with her family, quit the pursuit of recognition, and stop oppressing the oppressed. the most important problem with this movie is that Samantha suddenly pays attention to the most points of her life from top to bottom, not because of any painful or traumatic events. the solution doesn’t come from life, but lives daily miraculously.

However, since the subject described is that the topic of life, the chosen solution method isn’t suitable for the subject described. The Davis role played by Jack Gyllenhaal within the movie “Demolition” (2015) also experienced an “enlightenment” similar to Samantha. However, this type of enlightenment of his nature was the results of his wife’s death. From this angle, we are able to say that the demolition is also a more realistic movie than before I fell.
Samantha realizes that her Groundhog Day Syndrome that occurred thanks to variety of the events in our movie is due to her mistakes, and he or she tries to purify herself by forgiving herself. the concept that what happened to Samantha was caused by her own mistake. In short, the bad thing that happened to someone was caused by the person’s own behavior. this idea appears in many cultures. The famous psychoanalyst Karl Gustav Jung said: “The most painful thing for a personal is that he cannot see that the matter is caused by himself.” within the identical direction, there is a maxim within the Quran: “Happens. Any misfortune in you is due to your own actions.” (42:30)

Before I fell, because it provided positive information on important topics, it could have a healing effect on society. But its powerless nature to capture the individual renders this film incapable of achieving this goal. So after the movie reaches a selected level, it turns into moral masturbation, making men who think they’re bad want their core is nice. The audience that comes out of this movie will become the foremost effective people within the planet in fifteen or twenty minutes, then the world will obtain where it left off.

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